Night Guard – For Teeth Grinding at Night

4:27 pm | Mouthguard info

Mouth Guard for headache reliefIf you wake up some mornings and find that you have a headache, your jaw is sore or your teeth are sensitive or loose, you have likely been busy grinding or clenching your teeth all night long. You may have also noticed that your teeth are shorter than they used to be. This is common in 1 out of 10 adults and it is time to consider a night guard.

A night guard serves many different purposes:

  • Forms a layer of protection between your top and bottom teeth
  • Provides a softer cushion designed to be worn down over time instead of your teeth
  • Provides your jaw a different position to rest in which is therapeutic for your muscles
  • Offers full support for your jaw because it is custom made for your smile
  • Allows your jaw to continue natural movement (if it is locked into place, this only allows movement in your jaw joint which is even more uncomfortable and dysfunctional)

Teeth clenching and grinding doesn’t always happen at night. One of the causes is stress, so some people will unknowingly do so while they are driving or at work. In this case, they may need a grinding guard for preventative measures.

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