The Importance of Sport Guards

Sport-related accidents are a leading cause of dental injury. Thousands of children and adults are treated for mouth injuries every year; injuries that could be minimized or prevented completely by wearing a custom-fitted, protective mouth guard.

Protect more than your game face

Sport guards are mandatory in collision sports such as boxing, football, hockey, rugby and MMA where the risk of injury is likely. A sports guard is still highly recommended for other sports such as baseball, basketball, softball, wrestling, soccer and volleyball to prevent injuries to the mouth.

Sport guards are an essential tool in protecting athletes from concussions. Brain injury can result from a blow to the chin, as the jaw joint connects to major nerves in the brain. By wearing a mouth guard you protect the lower jaw from damaging hits, minimizing or preventing concussions altogether.

A sport guard usually covers the upper teeth and protects the mouth’s most vulnerable areas: the cheeks, lips and tongue. Regardless of which sport is played, all athletes can prevent injuries to the mouth with the use of a mouth guard.


“Studies show that athletes are 60 times more likely to suffer harm to the teeth if they’re not wearing a mouth guard.”Dr. Kate Bazydlo

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