The following is a list of direct benefits of wearing a dental custom mouth guard:

  1. Reduces the risk of concussion from blows to the head and around the mouth.
  2. Protects the tongue, lips and mouth from cuts by the upper teeth.
  3. Improves athlete performance during competition with increased air flow.
  4. Minimizes the possibility of jaw fractures by absorbing the impact from a hit.
  5. Reduces the risk of injury to molar teeth from a lower jaw impact. These impacts can cause fractures to the tooth’s chewing surface and roots if not wearing a mouth guard.
  6. Provides peace of mind from the possibility of injury; giving athletes more confidence to focus on training and technique.
  7. Offers an added layer of protection to athletes in active orthodontic treatment.
  8. Suitable for all types of sports.
  9. When cared for properly, will last for more than a year.
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