If you’re gearing up for game season, we will provide you with a free mouth guard to protect your smile. Sports guards are an essential piece of every athlete’s equipment whether you’re playing hockey, football, soccer, MMA, lacrosse or any sport that requires a teeth guard. Most athletes and their parents aren’t even aware of the differences between the mouth guards available to them. We’ve created a comparison guide for you to see why a custom mouth guard is your safest and most comfortable option.



  • Prepared by a dental professional and cast precisely to fit your teeth
  • Greatest degree of fit
  • Best in comfort
  • Optimal teeth protection

Boil & Bite


  • Standard template is placed in boiling water, then formed to your mouth to fit better
  • Bulky
  • Somewhat comfortable
  • Slightly better teeth protection



  • Provided pre-formed and ready-to-wear out of the box without any adjustments
  • Don’t fit well
  • Uncomfortable
  • Poor teeth protection

We care about your safety and don’t want the price to inhibit you from making the best decision for the protection of your smile, which is why we’re offering you a free mouth guard in Mississauga. We can create your custom mouth guard in either one of our dental offices in Mississauga including Winston Churchill Dental or Heritage House Dental.

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